Dry erase and magnetic boards with a colorful surface


Dry erase and magnetic Memoboards boards with neatly lacquered steel surface in pink, green or blue are very solid and reliable. The rear part of the board is made of softboard. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Mounting kit included. Designed to write on the surface with dry erase markers and hang sheets using magnets. The warranty period for surface of 10 years and for product of 2 years.
Dry erase and magnetic board may be equipped with different types of frames: anodized aluminum (classic, modern, future), lacquered wood, pine wood, mdf. For interial use only. The warranty period on the surface – 10 years. In our offer there are single whiteboards, triptych whiteboards and double-sided whiteboards. There is a possibility of making an imprint on the surface (lines, squares, spots).
We are able to produce the whiteboards in the dimension indicated by the customer. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.



Dry erase and magnetic boards fit perfectly to the kids room or kindergarten.








Types of frames


Rama drewniana sosnowa
Rama drewniana sosnowa
Rama aluminiowa Classic
Rama lakierowana srebrna