School boards – new trends


Together with September comes the beginning of the school year – students (more or less) joyfully follow their schools, classes, and school desks. Teachers take chalk in their hands and go to teach. Moment. Are you sure that it is a chalk? Or maybe the chalk boards have passed away? What is the current trend?

Moderation-, projection-, or multi-panel board

The moderation board sounds a bit mysterious, but actually it’s a very common type of board – you may find it in most public buildings. Moderation board has two working surfaces, stands on its own frame and can be made of various materials. There are different types of moderation board’s surfaces: cork, magnetic and even felt one. Whiteboards and magnetic boards work best in educational institutions. They can be used not only as a note board, but also as a school board. The simplicity of the usage is a very strong advantage –  just start writing or attaching materials with magnets or pins! Another thing that makes them better than chalk boards is that you don’t have to deal with wet cleaning. Since the moderation boards are not attached to the wall, their use can be changed depending on the current demand.

Nowadays, almost every school class is equipped with a projector and projection screen. Teachers can present interesting materials in full size and high quality what was impossible even few years ago. Projection screens are also used for presentations created by students. This develops the ability of speaking in public and prepares you for the future professional life.


Multi-panel boards – a tradition way of  passing on the knowledge

Multi-panel boards don’t need to be introduced. Regardless to your birth date (no matter whether it was 1955 or 2005), a large chalk board with two foldable adjacent side boards looks familiar. Despite the time goes by, they are still useful and still cause a slight fear in the students, although they are happy to draw on them! Classic, green chalk boards are best known, but there are more functional versions, i.e. chalk and magnetic boards. Our favourite model is the black magnetic multi-panel board.

As you can see, school boards can combine both of these features. Some solutions, such as multi-panel boards, do not age because they are being constantly improved. Others, such as the project screens, are the result of a change in needs and the emergence of new skills that the school should pass on to students.