Enter the academic year with Memoboards!

Recently, students of primary and secondary schools started their scientific struggle, however, in connection with the inexorably approaching October, university students are also preparing to the return to the books. While secondary school is usually found nearby home, fresh graduates often choose as a place of study the distant cities. This involves moving house – to dormitories or rented apartments, where – as you know – there is often not too much space for additional furniture or accessories. Being aware of the limited space available to students, we have a great offer for them, which in a simple way will help to organize the time well, will affect the high aesthetics of the room and, additionally, will not take up much space.

Cork board in a wooden frame 30×40 cm is extremely light, therefore you can attach it to the wall without drilling holes for screws – this is important, because often the rentier or dorms administration do not agree to violate the structure of the plaster. (In order to hang the table, we recommend tesa® PowerStrips). using the pins, you can attach to the surface of the board, which is made of high-quality natural cork, a schedule of classes, public transport timetables, post-notes and photos of family and friends. High-quality stopper prevents surface damage even with repeated puncturing, which significantly extends the usefulness of the table. Made of natural pine wood, each student can decorate it at his own discretion – so it blends with the rest of the room. An important argument that also speaks for a cork board is its low price – at a really low cost, each student can organize his time and space well!

Student, be smart – choose a cork board from Memoboards!