Get ready for school!

Although the summer is still going on, there is little time left until the first bell. The holiday period is usually the time of repairs and maintenance in educational institutions – the walls are being refreshed, the floors and old furniture are being replaced. It is also worth thinking about replacing boards with new ones. Although times are changing and technology is moving forward, old and proven multi-panel chalk boards are still an indispensable element of educational rooms.

What is their phenomenon? First of all: a large area for notes. The multi-panel board consists of a main board and two foldable wings that are double-sided. Thanks to this, we have as much as 3 times more room for taking notes, so we do not have to clean the surface so often. Second: the type of surface. Multi-panel boards – regardless of whether they are white or chalk – have magnetic properties. Thanks to this, next to taking notes, you can attach photos, graphics and paper sheets to the surface with magnetsand it significantly enrich the presented content. Traditionally, in schools you may find boards with chalk surface (black or green). They provide optimal contrast for subtitles and markings made with white or coloured chalk, so that notes are visible even from the last bench. However, if you prefer a whiteboard, remember to use dedicated dry-erase markers and a special liquid to clean the surface from time to time in order to get rid of the remained ink and for maintenance. Thirdly: perfect adaptation to the user’s needs. In the standard version, the boards are available with a smooth surface. However, at the customer’s request we can make a printed board (lines, dots, grids), thanks to which it will be easier to keep notes in one line or to make freehand graphics. Multi-panel boards of Memoboards are a perfect solution for schools and other educational institutions, where high quality and a visible message matter.

An additional advantage is the 2-year warranty granted by the manufacturer.