Impressive design of decorative-framed boards in your restaurant


Sunny days encourage people to leave the house and go for a long (sometimes even all-day) walk. Especially restaurants and pubs can notice the increased traffic, as tourists are visiting them from early morning until late evening. When choosing a restaurant, customers usually follow the menu card and interior design – and Memoboards enter here with elegant boards in decorative frames, on which the owners can present the menu in a very inviting way. Depending on the owner’s needs, he can choose the board with a cork surface or a white magnetic one, on which he will show his offer using a chalk- or dry-erase marker. A wide range of available frames colours allows for perfect adjustment of the boards to the surroundings, according to the taste and preferences of the user. Cork surface is made of high-quality natural cork with a high degree of elasticity and optimal weight, therefore it is resistant to damage caused by multiple pinning of pins. Magnetic boards, on the other hand, have a surface made of high quality stainless steel covered with a carefully varnished layer, thanks to which the board has the dry-erase properties – you can easily remove the traces of whiteboard markers, and with the use of magnets you can also attach cards and graphics to it. Decorative frames are available in colours: mahogany, white, black or rustic style.

Encourage your customers to visit your restaurant in a beautiful, decorative style – with Memoboards!